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This is the main shop front for x cut productions,{N.B INACTIVE.}



Some of the many musical attractions available from x cut productions


D.J Extra

d.j extras is a free download area for wav instruments that have been designed for all patrons to use in there music



here you will find screensavers and graphics they are designed to be used in any way you see fit



A range of artists are featured on this site with many different influences content {profiles}

The Designer Music Store

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Welcome to the main shop front for x cut productions,here will be sold a verity of product's witch you will be able to download after purchase

such as

screensavers advance desktops,graphics,ect ,we at x cut hope you get the most amount of pleasure out of the releases and we would like to see all of you and your friends visit us again thank you




{N.B this site is currently not trading at the moment trading will commence via e-comm erse solutions when all relevant issues have been dealt with so the link above is currently inactive,

we regret not to be able to bring you this feature at the minute but hope you'll enjoy the free downloads available

{ thank you for your patience}